1/9/22: I made a few tweaks to the site!

12/23/21: huge overhaul for my about page, decided to scrap the deviantart idea (for now..) in favor of something more personal. My about page is still a WIP and will be updated as time goes on with more graphical goodies and whatnot. My main focus for now is to get all my subsites done, at least the layouting and basic stuff. After that, I might redo the home page...

12/22/21: I haven't added anything to the site in a while, working on my about page and the atomix sections of my site. I'm redoing the layout of my about page to make it look like an old Deviantart page or something! Atomix is going to be my music discussions section of my site. I'm also thinking about adding a mini forum (if possible) to discuss with other people about music and my articles. Alright, bye for now.

11/13/21: I added a hover affect for the page buttons. WOW. I have no idea what to do next with the site (layout-wise). So feel free to add in suggestions of what the layouts for the other pages should be!

11/7/21: Some UI changes for the main page, added some graphics, and some cleaning up in the coding!

11/4/21: WOOHOO! Rainbow borders!

11/3/21: A complete overhaul is in the works as we speak!



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